How to pack for a weekend trip with your child?

How to pack for a weekend trip with your child?

First trips with a child are full of joy and new adventures but are also a major logistics challenge. What to pack for a weekend getaway with a child? How to get ready for a Bank Holiday, mountain, countryside and seaside trips, while taking only the necessary? 

When planning a family holiday it’s easy to overpack your luggage with literally everything that has even the slightest chance of coming in handy. It’s beneficial to make a list of things to pack and gradually modify it. It’s possible that over time, certain things will start to feel less and less necessary. Following whether updates can also help you - if the temperature goes above 20 degrees celsius we can leave our warmer jacket at home. 

Your priority should be clothes for your child and everyday-use things. Least important are products that can be bought at your destination if the need comes. We produced for you the essential minimum - list of things which will fit great in the Luna bag, beloved by moms and sized 55 x 35 x 25 cm. Are you up for a challenge?


Two pairs of trousers and shorts plus two sweatshirts are a safe set for a weekend. The weather in spring and summer is unpredictable. At the same time, if some of the clothes gets dirty or wet we can safely change the child and take care of the dirty one.  same goes for t-shirts and bodysuits although here, we recommend taking three of each instead of two as those get stained more often, for example when eating. Four pairs of socks and underwear should be enough. Don’t forget about that favourite pyjama set! If your child wears shoes, take two pairs. An absolute must have is a cotton hat or a bandana as protection form wind plus another one with a brim for protection against sun rays. A thin wind jacket may come in handy and a scarf.

Hygiene and skin care

In your travel bag there should also be several hygienic products - shower gel ( a 2 in 1 or two separate ones for hair and body) and a moisturising cream. If your baby uses diapers, you should carry a couple of those plus wet wipes. If you want to save up some space, it may be beneficial to buy those at your destination if possible. Another essential is also sun cream and, if we use it on our children - cream against burns and dusting powder. And is your baby is a proud owner of at leat one tooth - a toothbrush and toothpaste :)

For the trip itself, water is a fundamental thing. If it’s a long one, some fruit and vegetables will make a good snack. A travel changing table will also come in handy. 

Bamboo blanket - a multifunctional summer solution

Protection for the sun, a warm cover and a protection form wind. Base for changing, naps and cuddling? Bamboo blanket is the best solution, perfect for travelling - packed in your travel bag will serve multiple purposes. 

Bamboo blanket will work great as a little sleeping bag or a simple cover. Most of the newborn babies like to be tucked in tightly as it reminds them of their mother’s womb. At the same time, properties of bamboo fabric let the skin breathe and do not overheat the baby. It absorbs moisture and regulates the temperature. It absorbs water well but also dries off quickly - can be used as a soft towel or a sponge.

The bamboo protects from any outside factors like wind and sun. It protects the body from overheating, by cooling it down slightly when the temperatures go up. Will work equally great on a walk, in a car or at home. In the baby carriage it can be used as the bottom layer or a blanket, covering the baby like a delicate fog. Placing it under baby’s bottom and back in a carriage in the car will improve the baby’s sleep. Bamboo dries off quickly which is not only convenient when using it, but may also limit the amount of things you need to pack. Bamboo blanket can be washed by hand and hung in a warm spot and it will be dry in no time. Thanks to that we don’t need a whole arsenal of blankets, one or two will do just fine. 

And after a whole day of exciting adventures you can cover our baby’s heated body while it’s sleeping in a carriage or in a car. The soft fabric will rock it to sleep softly. It might not even notice when you move it to it’s bed. 

Have a good trip and a lot of fun!!