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Lola Crib

Dimensions: 125x65x97

Material: mdf from a BonBon colour palette

Mattress dimensions: 60x120

Option to adjust mattress hight in two positions.

Bars can be demounted.

Wait time: 3 weeks

Can be shipped (individual pricing)

To get more details please do not hesitate to contact us via email.
We would be glad to answer any questions.

More details

Price: 2550,00 PLN

Crib from Lola collection is a very decorative piece of furniture. It has an lovely line - the back  and the sides are full-bodied, but the side were carved with a wavy line. The front is openwork, made of flat and quite wide bars. This variegated silhouette appears very intriguing. The crib has variuos details on the fronts of the drawers and rounded sides. Sky-blue stars and handles or fancy framwork on the sides make the crib an prominent item.

Mattress is sold separately.
Crib can be designed in any dimensions.

Shipping: We evaluate each shipment individually based on the destination. While ordering via webpage system indicates a price of 0 PLN to which an additional estimated shipping fee should be added.

Transport and carrying up in Warsaw is 0 PLN.

Product cannot be shipped via courier, transport is performed in partial load.